Fastener Companies West Midlands

Since 1981, Pattern Fasteners Limited has remained West Midland’s leading manufacturer of special fasteners as well as precision components.  And part of their services also includes the supply of bespoke, standard or modified parts all done in accordance with the specific requirements you may have.

Apart from fasteners, the company also manufactures a wide variety of parts while putting into consideration both the materials and quantities.  Pattern Fastener’s greatest pride is their broad range of capabilities. From excellent services to unmatched lead times, expect a lot from them that will leave you extremely satisfied.

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What to Expect

So far the company enjoys well over 30 years of experience distributing and manufacturing standard fasteners, special fasteners as well as precision components. This includes bolts, nuts, washers, threaded bars and screws. As for the thread types expect BSF, BSW, BA, UNF and UNC.

Materials used range from stainless steel and aluminium to mild steel and brass. Regardless of your industry, Pattern Fasteners have everything you need to make your operations smooth and more effective.

fastener companies west midlands

Forged fasteners 

Forged fasteners manufactured by skilled fasteners [area] are usually made out of top grade metal that can endure the toughest of conditions and be used in variety of industries.

Keep in mind that selecting an optimal fastener for a particular application involves not just in service but installation considerations such as available space, weight, required clamp up, environment, assembly goals as well as tolerances and so on.

So when need arises, the company will work with the client to develop fasteners that can fit well and serve their intended purposes.

Secondary operations

Secondary operations basically involve modifying the parts or converting the standard parts to match your specific needs. Whether its chemical blackening or colouring or anything else purpose specific, a great fastener manufacturer [area] will work with you to come up with the perfect solution.

Turned Parts and Milled Components

As a reliable supplier of top grade machined components, Pattern Fasteners offer its clients CNC tuning services that could be used to generate all types of components including fasteners, fittings and connectors. Owning cutting-edge technology has enabled the company to come up with quality machine parts at an affordable price.

High tensile

High tensile fasteners are often used in different industries for different purposes. But if the technology and material used are of low standard and quality, then they will not live up to your expectations. High tensile fasteners should be able to withstand extreme environment conditions and harsh weather for years. And at Pattern Fasteners, they have the ability to manufacture fasteners and other products to be high tensile.

Why Choose Pattern Fasteners

Besides their rich experience, Pattern Fasteners also possess the two top qualities that any trustable and competent Fastener company [area] should have:

Perfection- Whether it’s the fasteners, bolts, screws or washers, to create the best product, dimensional accuracy and precision are a must. Pattern prides in having precision at creating all kinds of fasteners and other components and this has helped to win the trust of clients and customers.

Development- Development simply involves trying out new technologies and advanced machinery to create products. Having established their recognition across [area], Pattern Fasteners has continued to invest in emerging technologies and cutting-edge machineries that have helped them develop remarkably superior components.

Usually, a fastener manufacturer [area] who strives to only deliver top quality in their work is definitely appreciated hugely for their products because they can meet the demands of many in [area]. Pattern fasteners take pride in offering complete and long-lasting solutions for all industrial needs.