Fasteners Walsall

At Pattern Fasteners Walsall, we manufacture precision components and special fasteners walsall to the highest precision. For over thirty-five years our experienced team of engineers have been producing high-quality metal products in our West Midlands factory, and we offer a professional service using the latest technologies and a variety of different processes to produce or modify your component.

We are a fastener manufacturer specialised in producing non-standard and special fasteners walsall to meet many requirements and uses, and we also supply standard parts. We can produce or modify any kind of fastener walsall or other precision components to the highest standard, and we offer an excellent customer service and outstanding lead times. We pride ourselves on being a serious fastener walsall manufacturer who really knows the business and we guarantee your complete satisfaction with all our products.

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High strength and great value for money

Industrial fastenings are our speciality at Pattern fastenings and we offer a wide range of different fastenings suitable for many different applications. Our engineers can produce precision dies to manufacture cold formed fasteners walsall to your exact specifications, and we also produce forged fasteners. Our pointed bolts provide easy installation with high strength and great value for money, and if you are looking for an unusual size Pattern Fasteners Walsall will find or make you the ideal pointed bolt to fit your needs. 

Fasteners Walsall

We offer dog point screws of all sizes and in many different materials to provide you with a product with a high tensile strength and resilient to high temperatures and corrosion at an excellent price. Our cone point screws are made to the highest precision and are perfectly smooth with a sharp point to ensure the complete stability of any two objects and preventing all free movement even in vibrating situations.

Pattern Fasteners Walsall supplies security screws, socket cap screws, and set screws with all different types of cap heads. We manufacture grooved pins from a variety of materials including zinc plated low carbon unhardened steel, stainless and alloy steel. We can increase the shear resistance of these self-locking press-fit fasteners with heat treatments or plating with Cadmium, Zinc, Nickel, Black Oxide or Oil. We supply pins with three parallel grooves, with a full-length or half -length taper, or whatever you need. Our grooved pins provide a simple, easy to install, permanent, reliable and functional union between pieces.

Dowel pins of all different sizes

We also supply dowel pins of all different sizes and diameters. Our manufacturing process ensures extremely accurate tolerance limits to ensure the exact alignment and location of the dowel pin. We manufacture dowel pins from hardened or silver steel in a range of standard sizes from 1 to 25-mm diameters and lengths from 3 to 120-mm. We can produce plain, threaded or chamfered dowel pins to meet your well as extractable dowel pins. Our fully hardened dowel pins reach 60+/-HRC and they are precision ground to within m6 limits. While our stainless-steel dowel pins have the advantage of being rust, corrosion and stain resistant, with a comparatively high pressure rating and they are non-magnetic.

CNC milled components

We produce CNC milled components which meet high tolerance standards and we also turn parts such as CNC fasteners turned for bar stock. At Pattern Fasteners Walsall, our turned parts are manufactured using CNC machinery with multiple lathe heads, driven tooling, bar fed mechanics and pressure cooling to provide high precision complex and non-complex parts. These state-of-the-art high-speed lathes work quickly so we can offer you a faster lead time and reduced costs. We can produce a variety of turned products from brass, aluminium, stainless steel, alloys and even plastic. Pattern Fasteners Walsall are experts at manufacturing precision components and our state of the art CNC tooling machinery and CAD-CAM technology allows us to produce precisely formed parts of superior quality and performance ideal for sensitive applications such as the medical or nuclear industry,

At Pattern Fasteners Walsall, our experienced team can also perform secondary operations and do reworking jobs. They can modify standard or existing parts to meet your exact requirements. We are the experts in the fastening industry and we can supply, manufacture or modify whatever type of product you require, quickly and professionally. Our team of experts are here to assist you, so get in touch today.