Grub screws are also known as set screws and are designed to be inserted fully into a surface or object with no head visibly showing and no protrusion from the flat plane whatsoever.

But what are their exact purposes and how are they best used? Here, the specialists at Pattern Fasteners explain a little about these highly practical connectors.

What Do Grub Screws Look Like?

You might be forgiven for thinking that grubs screws are a type of dowel, as both are inserted into sockets in their entirety. However, grub screws are threaded on the outside from end to end and are often considerably smaller – just some of the ways the two can be differentiated.

Like dowels, however, grub screws have no heads – so any surface into which one is fitted can be made completely flush. This also means that no part of them is exposed to the elements, making it far less likely for them to corrode or rust than regular screws.

What are Grub Screws Made Of?

Pattern Fasteners provide both stainless steel grub screws and brass grub screws. There are benefits of both types of material – brass grub screws are water and corrosion-resistant and, because brass is a softer and slightly more flexible material, are more likely to bend rather than shatter when put under extreme pressure or at the point of a heavy impact.

Stainless steel grub screws are also quite resistant to corrosion and are exceptionally strong and hard-wearing. Marine-grade steel (316) is totally water-resistant; it even displays perfect durability when submerged in seawater.

What are the Uses of Grub Screws?

Due to the many practical features of their design, grub screws have a wide variety of uses. However, they are most commonly used to secure an object within or against another object.

They are perfect for saving space thanks to their small size and lack of any protruding parts, so you’ll regularly find them in compact household fixtures such as door handles.

Still smaller versions are used to hold together mobile phone or e-cigarette components.

However, thanks to their versatility, grub screws have the potential to be used for almost any application from modest DIY projects to huge industrial structures.

Where Can I Find the Right Grub Screws for My Project

Whether you’re looking for brass grub screws or stainless steel grub screws – and whatever size of connector you require – you’ll find what you need at Pattern Fasteners.

If we aren’t able to access the exact design or size that you require, our team will be able to create custom grub screws to your precise specifications. This means that you can ensure your project will benefit from all of the components it requires instead of having to find awkward workarounds.

If you have any questions about our products, or if you are interested in discussing your requirements for bespoke grub screws, you can contact the team at Pattern Fasteners today on 0121 330 0854 or email We will be more than happy to assist you in the selection of your ideal fasteners.