What are Grub Screws Used For?

Grub screws are also known as set screws and are designed to be inserted fully into a surface or object with no head visibly showing and no protrusion from the flat plane whatsoever. But what are their exact purposes and how are they best used? Here, the specialists at Pattern Fasteners explain a little about [...]

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What Are Grooved Pins Used For?

Grooved Pins For many items that require being efficiently locked into place whilst also not having a high degree of end load, grooved pins will tend to be used. This type of fastener, supplied endlessly by us at Pattern Fasteners, has numerous traits that cause it to be so popular in a variety of [...]

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What are Precision Components?

Precision Components? Precision components are machinery parts that are manufactured solely for industrial and machine-based companies working in different sectors and with different aspects of the engineering world. They tend to be used in different applications, such as turning and machining. They help in keeping stability to a number of different applications, ensuring that [...]

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