Custom Fasteners

What are Custom Fasteners?

Custom fasteners are made to order, non-standard fasteners or fixings that provide suitability for your specific engineering and manufacturing requirements. Here at Pattern Fasteners, we manufacture fasteners to the drawings and designs you have in mind for your specific needs.

What industries use Custom Fasteners?

Custom Fasteners are used by various industries, where specific styles and design are required to meet the broad range of applications required by such diverse industries as:

  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Military

The fact that Pattern Fasteners can ensure the manufacture of custom fasteners to suit your bespoke needs and requirements makes us a key industry partner for a wide range of companies who require reliable fixing solutions.

Custom Bolts
Custom Fasteners

How can Custom Fasteners be manufactured?

  • Modified Fasteners – Many custom fasteners can be manufactured through the modification of standard, pre-existing fasteners, which helps to reduce the cost and lead time of their manufacturing down.
  • Made to drawing fasteners – If you require a fastener that simply doesn’t exist as a standard design or which is required for a specific application usage then our team can manufacture your custom fastener from a simple drawing, be it simply a non-standard size fastener or unique thread length, head diameters or styles.

Why Choose Pattern Fasteners

Here at Pattern Fasteners, we have an abundance of expertise and skills, so you can rely on us to manufacture high-quality fastenings, that meet your specific application needs.

Our custom fasteners are either standard, bespoke or modified, with a comprehensive range that is sure to suit your requirements specifically.

If you’re looking for a custom fastener, discuss your requirements with one of our custom fastener team today!