Dog Point Screws

What are dog point screws?

A dog point screw is an industrial fastener that can hold more than one object in place, securely. They are often used to guide parts into holes that have already been drilled and incorporate a flat tip.

Here at Pattern Fasteners, we manufacture the dog point set screw to accommodate for your industrial needs. The dog point screw can be made from almost any material, to suit the product. Screws of most sizes are available.

What is a dog point screw used for?

A dog point screw is used to fasten two objects together. The main use of a dog point screw is to secure a gear to a shaft, it’s used industrially. The set screw will be pulled through a threaded hole and secured to the inner object to prevent movement.

The dog point screw is used to successfully support heavy applications and it can often replace dowel pins.


What are the advantages of dog point screws?

A dog point set screw has countless advantages for various industrial applications. Not only is a dog point screw easy to use and install, it’s affordable! The screws can be designed to offer tensile strength, providing excellent resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, ensuring you’ll receive excellent value for money.

The dog point screw can be designed to enable free rotation and to retain compression. Depending on your individual business requirements, Pattern Fasteners have developed a range of dog point set screws that are flexible to your specific application.

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