Grub Set Screws

As part of our extensive fastening products collection, here at Pattern Fasteners, we currently offer a range of high-quality and durable grub set screws. Both stainless steel grub screws and brass grub screws are available, and these can be made bespoke to order, in line with your specific needs and requirements. Whether you need one standard grub set screw to finish off a home DIY project or a large number of custom grub screws for an industrial-sized assignment, when it comes to this type of precision component, we can certainly help.

What are Grub Set Screws?

Stainless steel and brass grub screws are designed and manufactured without a protruding head. As a result, they can be driven fully into a pre-drilled hole and the entire length of the shaft can be threaded. They come with a variety of socket shapes and styles and the three most common varieties include socket head grub screws with a hexagonal socket, slotted head grub screws with a standard slotted or flat head drive, and torx head grub set screws with a hexalobular or torx drive.  

Here at Pattern Fasteners, all of our grub set screws are custom made to suit your exact needs and requirements. There’s no reason to be limited to the three varieties highlighted above. It’s simple; if you need a star-shaped socket, for example, we will do everything in our power to create a custom grub screw with a star-shaped socket. Our team of experienced and skilful staff will do everything in their power, creating a new part that is both high-quality and in line with your specific requirements.

What Can Grub Set Screws Be Used For?

Both stainless steel grub screws and brass grub screws have a wide range of real-world applications; however, they are generally used to secure an object within or against another object. Their compact size makes them ideal for ergonomic and space-saving designs and they can often be found in small household items and personal possessions, such as door handles, bicycles, mobile phones and electronic cigarettes. When installed into a suitable housing, the head of the grub set screw sits flush against the housing’s surface. The smallest possible surface area is, therefore, exposed to the elements, making them an ideal option when outdoor exposure and corrosion are likely.

Contact Pattern Fasteners for Grub Set Screws

If you would like to find out more about the custom grub screws currently available at Pattern Fasteners, please feel free to get in touch at any time. Our team of staff demonstrate specialist knowledge and expertise in the area of non-standard fasteners and precision component parts and they can offer tailored advice and guidance on the best grub set screws for you. So why not give us a call today on 0121 330 0854 or drop us a message using the online contact form and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.