Precision Turned Parts

What are Precision Turned Parts?

Precision turned parts or precision components are used to provide stability to a host of applications. Precision Turned Parts are made using CNC machinery and traditional methods, ensuring only the most precise components are produced by our engineers.

What are Precision Turned Parts used for?

Turned parts are used in industries to hold products in place. Industries that benefit from precision components include aerospace, oil and defence. Alternatively, the medical industry, electronics and hydraulics industry use precision components because they offer high levels of performance for their desired application.

As precision component manufacturers, Patten Fasteners provides quality control in all the turned parts we provide.

Precision Turned Parts

How are Precision Components manufactured?

Our precision components are made using CNC tooling. The CNC machinery and CAD-CAM technology make the parts especially precise, hence why we ensure that our CNC equipment is up to date with the latest technological developments. Our highly skilled workforce is experienced in producing precision components, with over 30 years of expertise to offer.

Why choose Pattern Fasteners?

Pattern Fasteners is one of the leading precision component manufacturers in the UK, we manufacture components in a range of materials to suits your specific needs and requirements, whether it’s stainless steel safety screws for the nuclear industry or plastic fasteners for the electrical sector.

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