Special Fasteners

How are Special Fasteners used in industry today?

Pattern Fasteners are the leading special fastener manufacturers in the UK. We manufacture special fasteners to meet customer specifications, so if you’re looking for a reliable solution that holds your equipment in place, you’ve come to the right place.

As the industrial environment is forever changing, the need for special fasteners is increasing. Special fasteners are designed to your exact criteria, be it from a drawing or the simple modification of a standard fastener product. Here at Pattern Fasteners, our team are ready to help manufacture the special fastener your application requires utilising the latest CNC technology.   

Special Bolts from Pattern Fasteners

What types of Special Fasteners are there?

There are various types of special fasteners, for instance, nuts, bolts, socket screws, studs and special washers. All of the special fasteners we provide offer high integrity and are suitable for all your special application needs from the medical and military sectors to the construction and aerospace industries.

Why do you need Special Fasteners for health and safety?

Here at Pattern Fasteners, we provide an extensive range of special fasteners that are available in a wide range of materials. It’s advisable you take into consideration the purpose of your fastening in order to eliminate hazards. If industrial or military equipment was to fall apart during operation, it would be especially dangerous.

Without special fasteners, the equipment used in a range of industries could cause harm to the users. Therefore, it’s essential you choose a special fastener that is highly resistant to corrosion and can ultimately improve the safety of your application.

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