Turned Parts

What are Turned Parts?

Turned parts are fastenings that have been CNC machined. These are bespoke and made to suit your specific requirements. We are the specialist manufacturer of turned compartments, ensuring your equipment is reliable and secure.

What type of CNC Turned Parts are there?

Here at Pattern Fasteners, we supply turned parts in various materials. Our range of products are versatile, ensuring you have the option to choose from stainless steel, aluminium, brass, alloys or plastic – all of which have been manufactured to retain the highest of qualities.

How are they made?

Turned parts are manufactured by CNC machinery. They are manufactured in this way to provide high precision. CNC lathes are used to shape the material, utilising various lathe heads, bar fed mechanics, driven tooling and pressure coolant to produce complex and non-complex parts. The part’s material turns around the axis of the CNC lathe at high speeds with the aid of sub-spindles which results in lower costs and faster lead time.

What are Turned Compartments used for?

CNC turned parts are used for aerospace, automotive and medical applications. In addition to this, turned parts are used within the hydraulics, water, oil and gas industry sectors.

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Turned Parts