UNC Fasteners

At Pattern Fasteners, we carry a huge stock of different fasteners in a large variety of diameters, lengths, threads, and materials. If you require a non-standard fastener we can modify existing fasteners to fit your needs, or, we can manufacture a custom-made fastener to your exact specifications. We also produce high-precision milled components for a wide variety of applications, and with over 35-years of experience in the field, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with both our products and with our service.

We carry a complete range of Unified Coarse (UNC) threaded fasteners including hexagon bolts, socket cap head bolts, socket grub screws, nuts, hexagon full nuts, spring and flat washers as well as threaded rod or bar. These are available in a variety of materials including stainless and standard steel, zinc plated and high tensile.

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UNC thread is a common American thread

UNC thread is a common American thread pattern which was standardised in 1918. It has a thread angle of 60-degrees and it is very similar to the British Whitworth thread with the same pitch in almost all sizes. As well as Unified Coarse Threaded (UNC), we offer Unified Fine Thread (UNF), British Association (BA), metric (ISO), British Standard Whitworth (BSW), British Standard Fine (BSF) in our range of bolts, nuts, and screws. If we do not stock a particular product in the thread that you require we can manufacture it for you.

Unc Fasteners

If you are looking for pointed bolts, dog point screws, cone point screws, high tensile screws, security screws or set screws with a variety of cap heads, we have a vast range of different lengths, threads and materials available.  We also carry self-locking press fit fasteners such as grooved pins with full or half-length tapers or with three parallel grooves available in unhardened, stainless or alloyed steel which can be plated in Zinc, Nickel, Cadmium, Oil, or Black Oxide to increase resistance which can also be achieved by heat treatment.


Chamfered and threaded dowel pins

We carry cold formed forged fasteners, and a complete range of standard size dowel pins with lengths from 3 to 120-mm and diameters from 1 to 25-mm. We carry plain, chamfered and threaded dowel pins, which are manufactured from silver or hardened steel to within extremely precise tolerance limits to ensure perfect location and alignment for a high-performance and long-life expectancy. We also carry dowel pins made of stainless steel which have the advantage of being non-magnetic, having a relatively high pressure rating and being resistant to rust, staining, and corrosion.

Undercuts or special grooves

All of our fasteners are produced from bar in different tolerances using the latest in machinery, to offer a fast production time and a standardised product. We produce tri head security screws, non-standard grub screws, threaded, and special washers. We can perform head drilling, deep hole drilling and hole widening. We can manufacture undercuts or special grooves in customised shanks, and produce custom chamfers or special radius profiles, add knurling or thread rolling. We can perform shaving, and extra-long and standard pointing, and we can shorten or extend the length of an existing product as required. We have security screws, set screws and socket cap screws, and dowel and grooved pins with or without grooved shanks. We carry spacers and top hats, and we can produce any kind of turned or machined part including those with pressed or drifted profiles.

At Pattern Fasteners, we can take care of all your secondary operation and reworking requirements to satisfy your need for modified parts. We can also supply quickly all your requirements in standard fasteners as well as special and non-standard fasteners and bespoke precision components. Please contact us to discuss your needs, it will be our pleasure to assist you.