Grooved Pins

For many items that require being efficiently locked into place whilst also not having a high degree of end load, grooved pins will tend to be used. This type of fastener, supplied endlessly by us at Pattern Fasteners, has numerous traits that cause it to be so popular in a variety of industries. Not only are they low in cost but they are also simple to fit with very little maintenance amongst other benefits. Below are the main points of what this type of fastener is used for.

Used for Numerous Industries

Grooved pins are used for a variety of different industries. Due to their valuable trait of being effective in terms of locking items into place, many types of organisations will tend to use these pins. Examples of industries that use grooved pins are as follows:

  • Electronic Industry – Grooved pins can be used to hold together the likes of fuse boxes and amplifier boxes. This is because they can assist in the control of power surges and there is also no danger in using them with electrical components.
  • Lock Manufacturing Industry – These types of pins are used mainly in the manufacturing of locks, acting as effective items that assist in fitting a lock into place easily and perfectly.
  • Aerospace Industry – Grooved pins will be used in this industry due to their excellent vibration resistance. This makes them applicable to be used in various pieces of avionic equipment.
  • Military Industry – This industry finds use of grooved pins through safety measurements they can provide. When sending supplies, these pins will be used on the skids of an aircraft and help in ensuring a safe landing for the supplies that are being transported.

Used to Suit Numerous Applications

Stepping away from specific industries that grooved pins are used for, there are also small applications that these types of pins will be found useful for around the world. They can be used in the assistance of rotation on items such as hinges and latches. They can be found in various hand tools acting as swivel pins. They can also be used in pumps for the likes of locating pins, assisting in making sure they work effectively.

Used for Durability

Another main value of grooved pins is that they are strong. The strength of grooved pins means that they are much more reliable when used on various applications as there is less chance of breakage. Grooved pins happen to be double the strength of spring pins, which are used for similar applications to grooved pins. This makes spring pins less appealing when needing to use hardened pins to fit two or more components together. These solid pins tend to be 50% stronger than hollow pins, being both vibration resistant and shock resistant, also being extremely wear resistant, which are beneficial factors for numerous appliances.

Used for Simplicity

Simplicity is a key factor regarding what grooved pins are used for. Many applications may not require or desire heavy duty tools to assist in combining components. With grooved pins, you are assured of a quick and easy solution. The holes they are inserted into will merely be required to be slightly bigger than the diameter of the pins. These types of pins will tend to be installed with the use of either an air cylinder, a hammer or a hydraulic press, providing you with a permanent and reliable solution to combining two or more components together.

Used for Cost Effectiveness 

Leading on from the simplicity of grooved pins, the fact that they are simple to install actually makes these types of pins cost effective.  Grooved pins do not require any heavy-duty tools, that could incur an extra price, to be installed. This helps in keeping production costs low.

An added benefit is also that grooved pins can be removed and reused for other applications. In the long term, this means that instead of paying out for more of these types of fasteners when in need of them, you are able to remove a pin from an item you maybe no longer require (if you are already in possession of them). You can then reuse it for components that are more important at that juncture, which in turn saves you money.

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