Precision Components?

Precision components are machinery parts that are manufactured solely for industrial and machine-based companies working in different sectors and with different aspects of the engineering world. They tend to be used in different applications, such as turning and machining. They help in keeping stability to a number of different applications, ensuring that they function properly and safely.

Many precision components manufacturers, such as us at Pattern Fasteners, will use CNC tooling to produce their precision components in an accurate and efficient manner. The use of CNC machinery and CAD-CAM technology is extremely important in this form of manufacturing. This type of machining and technology assists in ensuring the precise shape and size of the components, more specifically the dimensional accuracy adherence in terms of expected quality. Precision components manufacturers like Pattern Fasteners will always make sure that their CNC equipment is modernized and cutting edge. This will make sure that the latest forms of technology are used in the development of their precision components.

Precision Components can consist of machining parts, for example, such as:

  • Brass Hose Adapters: These components are used to assist in the manufacturing of items used in plumbing, commercial construction and water treatment.
  • Fastener Kits and Hardware: These components are available in most DIY and retail stores for civilian purchasing and usage on a number of different applications.
  • Air Brake Tank Fittings: These components are usually found in the world of transporting, tending to be used in applications connected to freights, trucks and trailers.


The Benefits

The benefits of precision components are as follows:

  • Time saving: When companies such as Pattern Fasteners specialise in the manufacturing of precision components, they will tend to have the use of a handy assembly line to produce components in a quick and professional fashion. With an assembly line, you are assured that the precision components being produced will be of an incredible quality and be speedily done.
  • Cost efficient: As mentioned already, many precision component manufacturers will use CNC machinery in their production of precision components. These machines will tend to take care of production all the way from initial designs to the finishing touches. The use of machining and not using a workforce in the actual initial production will in the long run be beneficial for a company in terms of finances.
  • Highly efficient and accurate standard: The accuracy and efficiency of all products created will tend to be of a high standard. This is due to the technology already discussed (CNC machining and CAD-CAM technology) being so sophisticated that it’s advances in precision over the human anatomy will not put it to a fault. This is because there are less chances of mistakes and more chances of perfectly fine cutting and production.
  • Less materials wasted: Due to the amount of wasted materials in the past, many companies have attempted to find ways in which materials can be put to use or attempted the lessening of wasted materials. With the procedure of precision components manufacturing and production, there tends to be less waste in terms of materials used, showing again that the cutting-edge machinery used is gospel in terms of perfect and precise production of well manufactured components.


What Industries Use Precision Components?

The industries that tend to find the use of precision components are:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Breweries
  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Motorsport
  • Oil and Gas

The industries listed above are merely a sample of all industries finding the use of precision components. These industries will use precision components in their applications and machining to ensure they are safe to use and are securely useable.

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